Thursday, October 20, 2016

naturopathic medicine- Boost your immune system

Boosting your immune system: 1. Relax: Stress and anxiety not only make you feel on edge, they also cause chaos within your body throwing your hormones and your immunity out of whack– One of the best preventative measures in cold and flu season is taking regular time outs, listening to a meditation CD, taking a long bath or doing whatever you find super relaxing 2. Probiotics and fermented foods: Our immune system depends on the right balance of digestive bacteria, this is number one for cold and flu prevention. For more info read my post on fermented foods. 3. Bone broth or homemade chicken soup with the bones in: not just an old wives tale– this is a really amazing super-food. For more info and great recipe's read ’Nourishing Tradition's’ by Sally Fallon Now even if you take all the preventative measures and your immune system is fighting fit you may still get sick 1-2 times per year. This is part of the body’s natural cycle and doesn't mean your unhealthy. It is best just to support your body during these times, rest and allow yourself to repair. Supporting your body during a cold or flu: 1. Rest– call in sick, no housework: this is non– negotiable. DO NOT soldier on OR take pharmaceutical cold and flu tablets. This will only weaken your immune system, weaken your body and if your not careful lead to chronic illness later in life. 2. Nourish your body– this can include bone broth or soup as mentioned above, fruit, vegetables– it is important to listen to your body. 3. Promote a healthy fever: a fever is your body’s natural response– so as long as your temperature remains within a safe level you shouldn’t try to supress it. If you don’t have a fever you can promote one by wrapping up in blankets and drinking warming herb teas such as YEP tea (yarrow, elder, peppermint tea). If your symptoms are severe or last longer than a few days– a week your body may need a little help. Any lingering or uncomfortable symptoms can be treated when necessary with nutritional supplements, herbal medicines or homeopathics. If you support your body rather than supress the symptoms you will find that your body will recover better in future and you will get sick less often. And the most important difference will be that once you recover you feel better than before you got sick rather than drained and worn out. For the chance to win a free personalized immune boosting herbal mixture head over and enter the competition on my facebook page.

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